Welcome to PinPay

PinPay delivers services and benefits to worldwide Internet users and many mobile phone users. The PinPay account is offered free to all individuals, no bank account requirement, no credit qualification, or other restrictions. PinPay allows individuals to shop worldwide, avoid interest charges and late fees.

  PinPay Inc.

Almost anyone can have a PinPay card. Complete an online registration, receive your account number, create a username, and create your card account access password. There is NO setup fee, NO monthly fee, and NO annual fee. All transactions and balances are reported in USD, or PinPay Credits (PPCs). Funds are held in an FDIC insured U.S. bank.


PinPay cards are used only for redemption of merchandise sold through PinPay. Cards cannot be used to send money; and funds are not transferable between PinPay card holders.